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Hi, I’m Shane, creator of 127kgs. Welcome.

127kgs. What is it?

If you’re new here, read on and I’ll tell you what this is all about.

I started 127kgs for two reasons:

1. To document my way back from 127kg’s of obeseness to a healthy weight and a healthier lifestyle.

2. To help anyone else who wants to lose weight but doesn’t know where to start.

127kgs is a resource and safe community for people seeking weight loss and healthy, fit living.

To help you through the ever-growing archives, I’ve compiled a beginner’s guide.

Kind of a Quick Start guide.

First, a note: Please don’t try to get through this all at once. There’s a lot to read here and a lot to take in. I’ve just organised a few things so that you can get to the stuff I think you might want to learn about first.

Take it in small chunks. Give yourself a chance to think about how you can apply what I’ve learned to your own weight loss and fitness mission.

Remember: ” It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop “Confucius




You’re probably here because you’re ready to make a change. Permanent change.

127kgs is all about small sustainable changes that lead to permanent weight loss. The goal here is to lose weight for good – not just for next month, or next year, but for life.

Here’s three things to keep in mind:

1. We don’t diet. EVER.

2. You MUST take a gradual approach.

3. Exercise for improvement – NOT to burn calories.  

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Stuff you need to know about 127kgs

127kgs. What it isn’t

Now let me be clear. I am not a doctor, nutritionist, dietitian or personal trainer. I’m just a guy who stumbled around trying lots of things until I found my own way to lose weight, get fit and be healthy.

I’m not here to offer you any quick fixes, miracle diets or the secret to 6-pack abs.

I simply share what I’ve learned about food, weight loss and exercise based on my own experience of losing 60kg.

Losing weight and getting healthy takes effort, commitment, and time. There will be ups and downs but I can honestly say it’s worth it.


For any important health or medical advice, you should be talking to your doctor.

In no way should you to consider the information offered here as medical advice, nor does it constitute a doctor/patient relationship.

The information contained on this website is educational in nature and intent. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented is correct. However this information is not intended as professional medical advice, neither should it be interpreted as the practice of medicine nor as an offer of medical advice.


I don’t recommend any of the following:

Diets or eating plans. Diets are rubbish and not sustainable. Depriving yourself of things you want has a pretty short life expectancy. Making small lifestyle and diet changes is the name of the game.

Gyms, weight loss clinics or programmes. Everything you need to get fit and lose weight comes built right into your body. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the gym. They sell memberships to far too many people that will never get any value out of it. But hey, that’s capitalism. Generally, I’m of the opinion that they’re just not necessary. Why do you have to go somewhere to exercise? You can do that anywhere.

Supplements or dodgy pills. For one, you just don’t know what’s in them but it really comes back to our desire for a quick fix and there isn’t one. Let’s be honest, it takes a long time to put on a lot of weight, and it’s going to take some time to take it back off again.

Getting 6-pack abs or the perfect beach body. I don’t have 6-pack abs, or a perfect beach body, and I suspect I never will. 127kgs isn’t about achieving the so-called perfect body that mass media is selling us. It’s about health, fitness and self-confidence.

People tell me I have an inspiring story, hopefully, I can inspire you too, however, I want to do it the right way and I speak only from experience.



Failure Sucks but it’s a Necessary Path to Weight Loss Success

Failure Sucks but it’s a Necessary Path to Weight Loss Success

Sooner or later, and I don’t care who you are, you’re gonna fail. The more risks you take, the more stuff you try, the greater your chance of failure. If I was to guess, I reckon the most successful people in any given field have probably failed more than most....