Eating Healthy NZEating Healthy is the key to any weight loss mission.

What you choose to eat is responsible for 80% of your weight loss success, or failure. But it doesn’t mean giving up the things you love, and it doesn’t mean you have to eat boring meals! Here’s where you can read what I’ve learned about food on my way to losing 60kg.

What Worked For Me. My Most Basic Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss:

Ditch the Diets – Diets are rubbish. Dieting usually becomes a battle of willpower and we always lose that battle.

Learn the Difference Between Good Carbs & Bad Carbs – Don’t believe the hype! Carbs aren’t the bad guy, bad carbs are the bad guy.

Find Better Snacks – I’m a snacker and snacks can go bad real quick! A couple of biscuits here and a chocolate bar there. Find healthier snacks that you love.

Cook Your Own Meals – Eathing healthy is soooo much easier when you’re making all the decisions.

Eat Real Food – Stuff that grew in the ground, or fed off the land.

Want more healthy eating tips? Suss out the blog below.