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Welcome to the 127kgs Resources section, a curated list of tools I strongly recommend to help you on your mission to lose weight, get fit and be healthy.

I have experience with all the resources listed on this page, I recommend them because I truly believe they will help you achieve your goals.

A Basic Strength Routine for Beginners

Download this FREE guide, print it out, or save it to your tablet. Whatever you do, it’s yours to take away. It’s the perfect way to start buiding muscle and upping your health game.

Whether you’re 60kgs+ overweight or you’re trying to lose that last 5-10, strength training is one of the most effective and efficient ways to burn fat and build muscle. Short on time? Strength training can provide a faster path to success.

This basic plan is an introduction to strength training, it doesn’t require any special gym equipment and mostly utilises your own bodyweight for resistance. Make no mistake, this is an effective routine! It’s where I got started and where I return to whenever I need to start over.

To open the guide click on the thumbnail image, or the link below it. To save the guide, right click and select ‘save link as…’


This simple little app changed the way I think and what I know about food. I’m not a big fan of counting calories and let’s be honest it’s no way to live your life. But MyFitnessPal has enlightened me about what I’m putting into my body.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND spending some time with this app and learning a little bit about what you’re eating and drinking. Use it for a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months and educate yourself about the food choices you’re making.


While I occasionally run, that’s not really why I use this app. It tracks my activity, syncs with MyFitnessPal but really, IT KEEPS ME ACCOUNTABLE!

I set myself distance and time targets and every week I try to meet or exceed those targets. It doesn’t really matter if I don’t, so long as I’m consistently striving for improvement. The goal here is to make sure you’re doing a little, but doing it often.

Invest in Your Health


The items listed below aren’t essential but I highly recommend you make a small investment in the success of your mission. I’ve listed them because I believe they offer huge advantages for a relatively small up-front investment.

I have no affiliation with the brands or products listed below, (I’d be very happy to talk sponsorship with you though Nike) these are simply things that have been a huge benefit to me over time. Note: I’m never going to pimp out products, services or subscriptions I don’t think you need!




Shoes, ya gotta have good shoes!

You’re gonna do a lot of walking, so trust me when I tell you you’re gonna want some good shoes. I’ve racked up over 4000km in various models of Nike Free.

Nike Free: These are without a doubt the best shoes I’ve found for walking. Four years, five pairs and well over 4000km. Not a sore foot in sight. Unfortunately, Nike is not paying me to say this.




You’re probably eating more than you think!

Digital Kitchen Scales: I actually hate the idea of weighing your food! I think it takes weight loss dangerously close to becoming an unhealthy obsession.

HOWEVER, when you’re first getting started it’s really good to know how much of certain things you’re putting on your plate. I quickly realised I was putting heaps more on my plate than I thought I was.



Forget all the myths. Lifting weights is GOOD!

Weights + Weight Bench: Lifting weights isn’t just for bodybuilders. Strength training is probably the most efficient way to burn fat and I recommend you build it into your lifestyle as soon as you can.

It doesn’t need to be expensive either, I picked up a barbell, weight bench and 60kg of weights from for $99. Quite possibly the best investment in my health I’ve ever made.


A Motivational Reminder


I love to design stuff, so… I’ve been working on a series of posters based on the 127kgs Manifesto. The Manifesto is a set of 10 principles that will help guide your mission.

I originally wrote the manifesto for myself as a summary of everything I’ve learned in past few years. It’s a place I return to every now again if I think I’m losing my way.

To save a high-resolution copy of each poster: Right click and open in a new tab, open the new tab and right click the poster and save as…


127kgs Manifest Poster 02 - Never OUtrun Your Diet